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Another great article. Tickle v Giggile is such an important case. I have donated to the campaign. A campaign is also needed to fund Sall Grover to run against Shannon Fentiman for the Brisbane seat of Waterford in next year's Qld election.

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Thanks for this Edie, it’s a tremendously important case for Australian women. Donation done!

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I am convinced Western society is in the midst of a mass hysteria episode, or a culture bound syndrome. A group of bad actors have seized the opportunity to infiltrate a progressive movement and coopted the left, feminism and gay rights to advance the autogynephiles practicing paraphilias as a human right.

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Superb piece. Many submissions to Minister Fentiman's 'men can be women if they say so' Bill pointed out CEDAW was signed and ratified by the Australian Govt among others whereas the Yogyakarta Principles have no legal standing. Women's Declaration International (WDI) developed a very good campaigning tool - the Declaration on Women's Sex Based Rights - based on CEDAW. It was launched in London and the US in 2019 and in Sydney and Brisbane in 2020. It's been signed by more than 30,000 people globally.

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To answer your question, you might consider a generally very good essay over at Barbara Wegener's Substack, this section in particular:

"Gender is nothing but personality repackaged."


Big part of the problem -- if not the rotten heart of it -- is the fact most people are clueless about the profound difference between sex and gender/gender-identity. Which too many on the Right contribute to with their dogmatic insistence that sex and gender are synonymous.

The risible and gobsmackingly idiotic consequence of which is that transwomen with feminine personality traits -- a gender -- are being allowed into spaces most reasonably segregated for people of the female sex, nominally speaking at least.

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