I'm listening to Michael Malice's latest book "The White Pill" and the history it outlines of those regimes and what happened to millions of innocent, apolitical citizens emphasises what a despicable travesty it is to compare anybody in our cushy contemporary society to a Nazi or a Fascist.

Its beyond flaccid childish ignorance and simply utterly disgusting.

Instead of banning the seig heil (virtue signalling performative at best) they should be banning wild accusations of Nazism and Fascism. Accusers should be sentenced to a re-education camp!

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The average Victorian Jew has far more to fear from rabid anti-Israeli leftists than a tiny minority of idiots parading in "blackshirt beachwear" - I was there that day and honestly the scene looked comical rather than intimidating. There was a really impressive speech by a young lady that deserves everyone to witness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIsAqEFu-io

She's a star. Keep fighting Edie, the more they dig in over it the more humiliating it will be for them when truth emerges.

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I really enjoyed the podcast. I think I'll l be a regular listener.

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