Thanks Edie, another piece which has points resonating for me personally.

I'll be attending Kellie-Jay Keens rallies in Sydney and Canberra to give my speech describing how, as an artist in an arts community of ultra woke progressive ppl, I'm in a tightening net of cancellation and deplatforming for speaking out on social media about my GC views. I live in a small rural town and have limited support from my small number of friends. Attempts to discuss issues results in heads cocked sympathetically and asking how long I've been following QAnon...so feelings of isolation are really significant. Consequently I've reached out for support amongst feminist and GC groups within Australia on the internet.

Since being peaked 5 years ago I had to totally recalibrate my previously life long left leaning political views. I hadn't voted for any political political locally or federally other than the Greens for 40 years. The local Greens reps were personal friends and I handed out how to vote cards at the booth for the fed election 4 years ago. Learning the absolute malfeasance of the Greens in promoting the woman hating trans gender ideology bordered on traumatic...it was like finding out your supposedly loving husband of 40 years was a bigamist liar. I waver calling myself a feminist but have no hesitation at all to totally repudiate calling myself left.

In discovering and interacting in womens groups opposing the ideology I was astonished to find the largest number were women with progressive politics, many still proudly identifying as "left". Personally I think being left and being GC are incompatible, I wonder what mental gymnastics they have to do (a triple backwards somersault?) to be woke and supporting womens rights. Feeling this incongruity and seeing that criticisms of the left were quickly disdained made me feel even more isolated in many ways! I had been accepted into the Coalition For Biological Reality and then got swept out during a mass purge. At first I thought it was because I had offended a moderator whom I had a bit of a disagreement with, a moderator who suggested I was not a good fit in the group. Apparently it was to do with another rat, so after that the women who had been shut out were reinstated. But not me. I appealed to Stassjia Frei who said everything was fine, it wasn't personal and I would be back in again but that was nearly a year ago and I remain evicted.

It does play on my mental health to have that incident, on top of all the other social media cancellings, plus work I've lost in the industry combined with my geographical isolation, to feel my wrongthink is so significant that a group set up specifically to strategise against trans gender ideology finds me unacceptable in their cohort.

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Your story and stories like it make me sad and reluctant to join any group. And yes, Edie, isolating women is not part of activism at least it shouldn't be.

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OMG similar thing happened to me ! Is it odd when a professional rep of s cause allows trivial personality clashes to interfere with the logical and fairness provided to "sisters" ... My darling women I am not being condsecending when I call you darling on the phone !

The cause at hand is her job at hand darling - very concerning for Sal Grover and the fascist ideology of gender and cooption of our language a sister dictates how you write and if shell accept certain types ; envy is ugly - being gatekept by our sisterhood who have personal issues to grind out

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by sisterhood i DO mean biological women and only men like Graham Linehan, Mr Menno and our allies like Andrew Doyle and Gold and non misoynists

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